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Prototyping, usability testing, information architecture, wireframing, visual design

The Australia Post help and support portal was long in need of a redesign. Customers were often deflecting to the call centre for issues that could be self serviced online, using incorrect online forms and dropping out due to forced authentication. Forms weren’t smart, were hidden, and had too many unnecessary fields. The categorisation of help topics was confusing and the overall experience was inconsistent due to legacy designs being mixed with the new branding.

I was tasked with redesigning the entire help and support portal, working in conjunction with Salesforce and an internal team at Australia Post. I needed to meet CRM, business and technical requirements whilst still ensuring the best experience for users.

Empathise: Most of this phase had already been completed before I was tasked with redesigning the portal. When I was called onto the project, we had a kick off with the core team and stakeholders in the business where the customer data and insights from the support team were relayed to us. There was a clear user need for a new portal.

Define and Ideate: Together with the user experience researcher, we held co-design workshops with stakeholders around the business to frame the problem and ideate on solutions. People split into groups to sketch ideas and voted on the best ideas. The core team (UX researcher, UX writer, CX manager and I) pooled the best ideas together and sketched up a solution. 

Prototype: I then created wireframes and interactive prototypes

Prototype completed in Axure. If you are having trouble viewing this video, you can view it in Vimeo. Please note this is a more high fidelity prototype than the one that was used in user testing.

Test and implement: We took the prototypes to do moderated user testing. We gained some great insights from the testing and I iterated on them, designing the UI and handing it over to the developer.

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